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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mobile DTV a step closer as market test concludes

Mobile Digital Television (Mobile DTV) underwent a trial in Washington D.C. for the past six months and consumers seem to really like it.  In fact, a survey by the Open Mobile Video Coalition found that most consumers didn't want to turn their test devices back in.

In a press release (.pdf), the OMVC also found:
  • The most popular mobile program is local news. Mobile DTV is primarily watched during the work week, and local news leads viewing by number of episodes and total unique viewers. 
  • Viewers reported increased TV watching outside of the home, including while commuting on public transportation, during lunch breaks in the middle of the day, and while waiting at the doctor’s office or supermarket. 
  • They also watched at home when others were watching the family big-screen TV 
  • Viewers didn’t want to relinquish their Mobile DTV devices when their portion of the trial had come to a close.
Unfortunately, the test was conducted using cellphones equipped with Mobile DTV receivers, which reinforces that (incorrect) assumption that mobile TV is somehow associated with mobile phones... it's not.  The OMVC should start encouraging further testing with dedicated portable TV devices, external receiver "dongles" for notebook computers and automotive devices wherever possible to get a better view of the potential consumer behavior.

Better yet, let's just get this show on the road and start make the deployment of commercial Mobile DTV a priority.

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